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Two Day Workshop in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

August 13-14, 10am-6:30pm

with Diane Jarmolow

Teachers: This simple and fun system will give you the tools to address every aspect of your students’ dancing, and help them to look and feel like pros.

Dancers: This system will empower you to operate your body and get it to do what you ask it to. It will give you the tools to develop yourself into the dancer you dream of becoming!


C.U.P.E. – 4000 Training & Education Centre
32 Colonnade Rd North, Suite 200
Ottawa, Ontario CANADA K2E 7J6


This weekend workshop covers all 64 exercises of the program. Each exercise is designed to teach you how a specific body part works which will empower you to produce the actions needed for Ballroom, Latin and Swing dancing!

  • MEET “Fred A. Scare”, the famous skeleton dancer who will teach you how the bones and joints work, and what they look like under your skin.
  • ANALYZE photographs of champion dancers who use Move Like a Champion principles to create beautiful shapes.
  • LEARN exercises that address the body from head to toe, inside out! Everything from using the feet to create balance and stability to turning the head independently. Say goodbye to broken frames, heads falling forward, shoulders too high and lack of power or balance.
  • BRING your list of “dance problems” – what you see in your videos and photos, or hear from your coaches – and we’ll help you fix them.

We guarantee you will leave transformed and feel empowered!

Prerequisite : The desire and interest in learning the body mechanics that make up beautiful dancing, plus familiarity with basic Bronze figures in either Smooth and Rhythm or Standard and Latin.


$215 U.S.
Includes workshop and props for you to keep!

Accomodations & Transportation

Hotel Recommendation:

Hampton Inn by Hilton Ottawa Airport 
2869 Gibford Drive
Ottawa, ON K1V 2L9

Transportation: Uber, taxi or OC Transpo.

Nearest Airport: Ottawa International Airport (YOW)

Cancellation Policy

If cancelling before July 27 receive a full refund less $75 U.S. cancellation fee. If cancelling after Jul 27 receive a full refund less $100 U.S. cancellation fee.

Contact Us

In U.S., contact Diane or Heather: (510) 336-9426,

In Canada, contact Marina: (613) 595-4964,